Scalar AT provide custom made solutions to meet your business requirements. We have our experts in almost all technologies like Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Databases, SOA, NodeJs, Groovy, Web Services & Mobile platforms, also BPO, Consultancy &Outsourcing.

We have a very systematic approach in our day to day operations, be it the business team interacting with the potential clients or the development team executing projects for our clients.

We follow SCRUM Development in delivering the right product at right prize to our clients. Some of the key aspects of our SCRUM Development Methodology are:

  • Disciplined Project Management
  • Frequent inspect and adapt cycles that minimize waste
  • Reduce software waste and deliver Software that accommodates change
  • Self organizing and cross functional team(s) that makes and meets commitments
  • Engineering practices that rapidly deliver high quality software
  • Bi weekly Scrum call lasting 10 -20 mins giving details of progress, targets, issues etc.
  • Single point of contact from project kick off to Go live