We already have a very good experience on applying web application securities based on the OWASP standard. Our nature way of writing code will fulfil most of the security measures like Client & Server side validations to prevent from wrong data’s or pre check before our business logic implementation, error/exception handlings to stop unnecessary way to hacker to know about our background process like database tables/Pojo/class etc.., disabling browser cache to avoid history after his/her session logouts, CSRF to avoid cross side scripting or stops script injection, sanitization to check the malicious code/data, session fixation to avoid session hacking while login and logout, SQL injection to prevent stealing data, brute force attacks to stop password hacking, salted hash password to avoid man in the middle to see the password in clear text, autocomplete to avoid storing your valuable data like password/credit card number/contact in the client side, encryption/decryption is used if you want to do it by own or rather than using https to deal with 3rd party or web services, One way hashing like hmac to create signatures to check the incoming data’s are not tampered etc..

We are ensuring that, we can prevent from top 10 web app hackings and also we can do all other security measure setups like https/firewall etc…

ScalarAT Architecture Assessment offers a complete architectural analysis and assessment of your IT application, focusing on Quality of Service (QOS) parameters such as scalability, performance, interoperability, usability, Security and much more.

We also study the existing system architecture to identify their current flaws, fit gap analysis, database errors, defects, etc., and provide a solution summary to overcome the identified issues.